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Basics of Querying

    Understanding the Foundations Standard SQL is based on the relational model, which is a mathematical model for data management and manipulation. The relational model was initially created and proposed by Edgar F. Codd in 1969. Since then, it has been explained and developed by Chris Date, Hugh Darwen, and others. the true source for the model’s name is the mathematical concept relation. A relation in the relational model is what SQL calls a table. The two are not synonymous. SQL attempts to represent with a table: a relation has a heading and a body. The heading is a set of attributes (what SQL attempts to represent with columns), each of a given type. An attribute is identified by name and type name. The body is a set of tuples (what SQL attempts to represent with rows). Each tuple’s heading is the heading of the relation. Each value of each tuple’s attribute is of its respective type.  Some of the most important principals to understand about SQL stem from the relational

Apple Vision OS: A ground breaking operating system for wearable computer Apple Vision Pro revealed in WWDC 2023 — June 5 | Apple


Apple in its WWDC on June 05, 2023 has announced a most advanced wearable computer Vision Pro. Equipped with two powerful chips from Apple M2 and R1, Vision Pro poses to take VR to new possibilities. Priced at $ 3499, Vision PRO will be launched in US early next year and will be available in other countries in phases.

With Vision PRO, it will be much easier to work with hand gestures and eyes movements. It has all apps that users loves and  works on every day. These apps will not be confined to a display but live in a user's space. Much like as in Tom Cruise's Minority Report. Through Vision Pro apps can be arranged to entire landscape available to you.

Screen Shot from Apple WWDC 2023

Panoramic photos expands and wrap around you in a Vision PRO, you feel like that you are right there in picture when it was taken.

Vision Pro with most advanced displays, a revolutionary spatial Audio system, two powerful Apple silicon chips, a ground breaking special spatial operating system has filed 5000 patents during its development. 

Images :  Apple WWDC 2023