Top 11 tools to get a job in 2023 - Be AI ready and beat it

With technological advancement, recruitment across the companies will be changed drastically. In 2023 are you ready to embrace new tools and beat competition ? Go through the list to be future ready

1/ Text Blaze

- create text templates and easily paste them anywhere (Gmail, LinkedIn, etc.)
- save hours messaging people for networking, replying to emails/InMails, commenting on posts, and more

2/ ChatGPT by OpenAI
- create resumes, cover letters, thank you notes, answers to popular interview questions in seconds
- always review the content carefully and add personalization, tweaks where necessary
3/ Teal
- one place to organize & manage your job search
- it's like having your own personal ATS or CRM for the job search
4/ Grammarly
- scans your text and corrects any grammatical errors
- great for resumes, emails, cover letters, even LinkedIn posts & comments
5/ ResyMatch by Cultivated Culture
- resume scanner & optimizer courtesy of Austin Belcak
- match your resume with any job description to increase your chances of landing an interview
6/ Hunter
- find anyone's email for outreach
- tells you a company's email alias so you can make an educated guess too (e.g. [first name].[last name][at]google[dot]com)
7/ Mixmax
- automate emails and follow-ups to save hours
- personalize messaging at scale and get reminders on when to follow up
8/ Speeko — A.I. Speech Coach
- practice interviewing w/ an AI speech coach
- bonus: helps you get better at public speaking
9/ Todoist
- a better to-do list that syncs across all devices
- assign different priority levels to different tasks
10/ Loom
- create compelling video messages in minutes
- ideas: try sending video intros for networking and thank you notes to stand out

11/ The List

- central layoff list used by thousands of companies to hire
- add your name if you've been impacted and companies reach out directly if you're a fit for any open roles

Pic Courtesy : The Economic Times


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